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Analysis of Word Groups in Each Text

The bar graph below illustrates percentages regarding the three texts and how often certain categorical words appear in the stories based on our TEI encoding of words as “other,” “religious,” “scientific,” and “gothic”.

Here’s what our research yielded:
*Note: Percentages are based on total words within each text.*
At the Mountains of Madness: 34% other, 41% scientific, 17% religious, and 17% gothic
The Call of Cthulhu: 32% other, 23% scientific, 30% religious, and 16% gothic
The Shadow Over Innsmouth: 27% other, 10% scientific, 14% religious. and 49% gothic

34% 41% 17% 17% At The Mountains of Madness 32% 23% 30% The Call of Cthulhu 16% 27% 10% 14% 49% The Shadow Over Innsmouth 25% 50% 75% 100% Other Scientific Religious Gothic KEY Percentage of Word Type Percentage of Word Types Per Text